Service to My University

Service to Florida State University

Member, Honors Program Policy Committee, Faculty Senate (2012–2016)

Member, Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP Committee) (2012–2013)

Reviewer, Committee on Faculty Research Support Regular Summer Awards (2012–2013, 2007-2008)

Member, Academic Honor Policy Panel (2012, 2014, 2015)

Committee Member, Teaching Assistant Supervisors Committee (2008–2010)

Committee Member, Research and Creativity Award Committee (2007–2012)


FSU Department Service

School of Theatre, Postdoctoral Coordinator (2018-present)

Area Head, Theatre Studies (2016-present)

Member, Faculty Council Committee (2016-present)

School of Theatre Liaison, Honors in the Major (2010–present)

School of Theatre Liaison, University Libraries (2007–2016)

Co-Chair, Promotion and Tenure Committee (2015-2016)

Member, Strategic Planning Committee (2015-2016)

Chair, Search Committee (Theatre History) (2014–2015)

Chair, Faculty Council Committee (2014-2015)

Committee Member, Promotion and Tenure Committee (2008-2009; 2012-2013; 2014–2016)

Committee Member, B.A. Program Committee (2009–2013)

Faculty Supervisor, Program for Instructional Excellence (2007–2013; 2015-present)

Member, Search Committee (BA Performance) (2011–2012)

Chair, Search Committee (Theatre History/Literature) (2011–2012)

Committee Member, Committee on Distance Learning Development (2008–2009)

Committee Secretary and Member, Faculty Council Committee (2006–2008; 2011-2012)

Member, Theatre Studies Area (2006-present)