Graduate Committees

Doctoral Committees (Chair)

Anthony Gunn, doctoral candidate, in process. “‘It Has Shown No Intention of Going Away’: The Disembodied Theatre of Edward Gorey.”

Allison Gibbes, doctoral candidate, in process.

Devair Jeffries, doctoral candidate, in process. “Melodramatic Melanin: A Critical Analysis of the Mammy, Mulatta, and Mistress in Black Female Representation.”

Kate Pierson, doctoral candidate, in process. (Co-Chair, with Mary Karen Dahl) “‘When All the Town’s A Stage’: Ann Jellicoe’s Community Play Process.”

Doctoral Committees (Member)

Sean Bartley, doctoral candidate, in process. “The Performance of Site: Contemporary American Ambulatory Theatre and Audience Agency.”

Jeff Paden, doctoral candidate, in process. “Starving For Attention: Theatrical Representations and Political Performances of Irish Women and the Human Right to Life.”

Jennifer Parker, doctoral candidate, in process.

Aaron C. Thomas, graduate, 2012. “Enter the Man.”

Master’s Committees (Chair)

Shelby Lunderman, graduate, 2016. “Reform through Radio: Constructing Juvenile Delinquency Within Buffalo’s Federal Theatre Project.”

Michelle A. Dougherty, graduate, 2012. “America’s Kingdom: Disneyland as a Performance of American Family Identity in the 1950s.”

Rebecca L. Ormiston, graduate, 2012. “‘I am the conjure’: Sharon Bridgforth and a Theatre of Multiplicity.”

Bryan W. Schmidt, graduate, 2012. “‘Welcome Home!’: Engendering Community Through Performance and Play at the Euphoria and Scorched Nuts Regional Burns.”

Scott C. Knowles, graduate, 2010. “Locating American Masculinity With(out)in the Male: Sam Shepard’s Kicking a Dead Horse, Neil LaBute’s Reasons to be Pretty, and Sarah Ruhl’s Late: A Cowboy Song.

Master’s Committees (Member)

Elizabeth Edgeworth, student, in process.

Joshua Inocencio, graduate, 2015. “Wreckages of Whiteness: White Male Sacrifices in the Context of Ritual Redress.”

Haddy C. Kreie, graduate, 2012. “Toward a Post/Colonial National Identity in the Theatre of Madagascar: Jean-Luc Raharimanana’s 47 and The Prophet and the President.

Irem Seçil Reel Sen, graduate, 2012. “Sema: Turkish National Identity in Motion.”

Amy Bredemeyer Klutsarits, graduate, 2011. “The Limitations and Possibilities of a Production: The Rocky Horror Show.”

Bachelor’s Honors Thesis Committees

Sidney Turner, student, in process. “The Many Faces of Kate: Exploring Performance in Goldsmith’s She Stoops to Conquer.

Jennifer Kellett, graduate, 2016. (Chair) “Sam Shepard and Objects: Site-Specific Immersive Theatre.”

Christian Meola, graduate, 2016. “The Past is Not Behind Us: Exposing the Familiar Space.”

Natalie Rankin, graduate, 2015. “Voicing Justice: Exploring the Case of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.”

Ashley Miskoff, graduate, 2011. (Chair) “The Interrogation of the American Dream in Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins.

Alfred M. Heartley, graduate, 2011. “Madea’s Family History: A Critical Analysis of the Stage Plays and Films of Tyler Perry.”

Comprehensive Exams Committees

Christy Rodriguez de Conte, in progress. (Ph.D.)
Allison Gibbes, progressed to candidacy, 2017. (Ph.D.)
Aaron Ellis, progressed to candidacy, 2017. (Ph.D.)
Devair Jeffries, progressed to candidacy, 2016. (Ph.D.)
Deb Kochman, progressed to candidacy, 2016. (Ph.D.)
Anthony Gunn, progressed to candidacy, 2015. (Ph.D.)
Kate Pierson, progressed to candidacy, 2015. (Ph.D.)
Andrea Dudziak, graduate, 2012. (M.A.)
Meghan N. Hawkins, graduate, 2010. (M.A.)
Timothy Saunders, graduate, 2009. (M.A.)