Dramaturgy of Spring Awakening

My undergraduate dramaturgy course includes a collective dramaturgy of one of the shows in the FSU season, which I oversee. For FSU’s 2013 production of Spring Awakening, directed by Fred Chappell, my class put together a lobby display that delved into a range of different historical elements of the production and encouraged audiences to actively engage with the issues in the play–sexual identity and exploration, approaches to education, teenage rebellion, healthcare, philosophy, politics, and more.

The Lobby Display for Spring Awakening included the following visuals,* as well as a number of tactile pieces like a schoolroom setup complete with chalkboard and Latin lesson, pamphlets from our campus Wellness Center, and videos on Franz Wedekind and sex education.

This lobby display was also used for the 2013 Spring Awakening(s) Symposium, jointly produced by the Research on Performance in Context Initiative, the School of Theatre, the School of Music, and the College of Arts and Sciences.



Two students, Rebecca Curran and Lauren Krug, created this video on attitudes toward sex and sex education in the United States over the past 50 years or so. It’s a large file, so give it a moment to download!

Teen Sex: The Through and Through”
Created by Rebecca Curran & Lauren Krug


*Created by my Dramaturgy undergraduates and edited by me, with layout by Tim Osborne/Kumquat Underfoot.